How to DIY your Spider-man suit for kids

How to DIY your Spider-man suit for kids?

Spider-Man has always been one of the most parts of Marvel series and it made its debut in the year 1962. The costume of Spider-Man is very iconic and distinctive and that is why if you are thinking of wearing the Spider-Man suit then you can create one out of some inexpensive and simple material. All you need to do is take references from several places and have the basic items for clothing to create the Spider-Man suit. Making the Spider-Man suit is very simple.

Follow this to learn how to make yours kids spider-man cosplay suit!

Kids Spider-man Homecoming Cosplay Suit Spandex Costume
Kids Spider-man Homecoming Cosplay Suit Spandex Costume

You can take 2 sweatpants and a blue shirt in order, to begin with, the costume. To make the costume look more accurate just like the movies or comics, you will have to use the stretch cotton or spandex that can fit you perfectly and it must not be loose because you are wearing a suit. You can also spend other material which will make the costume look more realistic and will be of high quality.

Now you will have to cut all the sides of the red t-shirt and then lay it over your blue shirt. To replicate the original costume look of Spider-Man, you will have to use the red shirt of long sleeve and always leave 5.1 centimeters of fabric strip that will be running down the red top from each arm. You can also purchase the logo of Spiderman hoodie from the stores that sell Marvel merchandise.

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You can also take some red shock and opt for the one that will come up below the knees as it will look like the boots that Spider-Man wears. Always try to make the right match with the right accessories and outer shirt properly. If you are thinking of wearing the costume on the outside then make sure you are putting on some red sneakers because it will make the overall look more original.

Now you will also have to add some other details like a webbing with the use of black fabric paint or permanent marker. In this way, you will be able to create an overall effect. Whenever you are making the marking make it of diamond or oval shape. Always try to draw a bigger spider because it will look more impressive and also replicate the original costume. If you are opting for the smaller one then it will look more modern and subtle.

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Now you will have to make the web-shooters and the Mask. Try to go for the functional, easy and quick mask. All you need to do is opt for the ski mask along with goggles that will be available online. Make sure you are making the ski mask from stretchy lycra that will be smooth and will offer you a better fitting.

If you are trying to make the web shooter then you will have to cut the PVC pipe in two different segments and spray some silver paint on it. Also, purchase the velcro wrist straps to wear it properly.

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Note: If you are failing to make any particular thing of the suit, then you can also buy the costume component from several shops like masks, clothing items, gloves, and other accessories.

In conclusion

These are the few things that you will have to perform if you want to DIY your Spider-Man suit for kids. Make sure you are taking the measurements properly and wear a suit that must be stretchy. Do not make a Spider-Man suit that will be loose or will be ill-fitting. Whenever you are making the Spider-Man suit, you will have to look into all the details properly.

The best part of making Spiderman costume is you won’t have to spend a lot of money and you can easily get it in the right size. The material that you are using and the details of the costume must be kept in mind when you are making any type of costume. Make sure you are also purchasing the logo of Spider-Man if you are unable to make it all by yourself. Some several tutorials and articles will help you to make the Spider-Man suit for kids.